GeekOut 2016 Exhibitor Spaces SOLD OUT

EXHIBITOR SPACES at GeekOut 2016 are SOLD OUT (as of 7/9/2016).

Spaces for GeekOut 2017 will be for sale during the event on August 13, 2016. Barring scheduling conflicts with venues, we plan to keep a mid-august date for next year’s convention. 


We’re especially looking for people who want to engage their fans by making live art at GeekOut! This is an open invitation to artists, especially if your work fits the theme of “technology-inspired art.” From paintings, to jewelry, to handmade costume pieces, to crocheted toys,  we welcome any tech-themed crafts by regional independent artists.


Spaces are also available for third-party vendors who fit the themes of the festival, including pop culture, pop art, comics, and movies.


GeekOut has 3 open spaces for food vendors to serve our hungry fans! If you want to cook on site, we’ll take care of your power needs and permitting for the day.


GeekOut 2016 provides space for interaction with hundreds of local fans on Saturday, August 13, 10AM – 8PM.

Each 10 x 10 space includes an 8 ft. table, internet access, two free Day passes, listing in the GeekOut program flyer, and promotion on our website and Facebook. Bring your own extension cord for power and a pop-up tent for shade.

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